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MSF Pilots Trials of NASG Suit in Sierra Leone


Obstetric haemorrhage – where a woman bleeds heavily before, during or after giving birth – is the leading cause of maternal death in the world today, with the vast majority of deaths occurring in the world’s least-developed countries.

The non-pneumatic anti-shock garment – or NASG suit – is a simple first aid device designed to keep women with an obstetric haemorrhage alive until they can receive the specialised treatment they need.

Dr Sonia Guinovart, MSF obstetrics and gynaecology advisor, is involved in MSF’s pilot trials of the device in Sierra Leone and Democratic Republic of Congo.

“The NASG suit has been in use for a number of years, but MSF first used it in Sierra Leone,” she says. “Sierra Leone has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world, mainly related to haemorrhages and uterine ruptures, so that made it an easy decision to trial it there. We wanted to see if it was suitable for use in the places where MSF works.”

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