Products & Services

Magenta Global is a global communication consultancy that harnesses the transformative power of AI and systems solutions to drive innovation, efficiency and growth for major brands.

With a team of seasoned experts, we work closely with clients to tailor the right solutions including AI strategy development, AI training, communication platforms, systems design, blockchain solutions, digital marketing campaign strategy, loyalty & rewards, and consultancy oversight.

We prioritize security, transparency and privacy, ensuring that our clients can unlock the full potential of technology. Together, we look forward to shaping a future powered by intelligent communication technologies.

AI Strategy

Developing effective AI implementation plans for brands

Communication as a service (CAAS)

Cloud based software delivery, accessible via the internet on-demand


Decentralized and secure digital ledger technology

Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy

Targeting online digital tactics and reporting to achieve marketing objectives effectively

Loyalty and Rewards

Incentive based programs for customer loyalty, fostering repeat visit and engagement


Expert guidance for optimizing tech-related business strategies and operations